All About me

Hey Everyone! I'm so excited that you decided to visit!! I'm a wife, a mom of two wonderful little girls, and YOUR Jamberry Consultant :) Feel free to contact me on Facebook, email, and text! I can not tell you how much Jamberry has changed my life. I first started as one of those people who were like "yeah right, they don't work". UNTIL I tried a sample! I fell in LOVE! I used to go and get my nails done for around $25-$30 here and there, but it was just always SO expensive that I did them maybe twice a year. I LOVE having my nails done, but at $25 and then $15 a month for a fill, there was no was I could keep them done. AND man where my nails a mess after I took them off! They damaged them down to nothing! :( So Jamberry was PERFECT for me! My sample LASTED A MONTH, but most people they last about 14 days, they're non toxic, can be removed easily, and DON'T damage your nails!! A BIG PLUS is that they save you tons of money too!!! Now I get to stay at home with my two girls, party with awesome ladies, show people great products that I personally LOVE, and just have FUN. It's JAMAZING :) :)



No new parties at this time, want to change that? Let me know!